You & Me

from by Triple S

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Imagine we, as two. In fact I know that few'd be
as right as us together - this connection feels so true to me.
I never once thought a woman so right would share this feeling too.
I was content living alone back before meeting you.

You should be mine; don't have the time for games. A sweeter view:
stuck in my mind; when I recline at night or dreaming through
til I see light; and on the grind you're all I'm seeing. Do
you realise I'd live my life with the aim of pleasing you?

Let your feelings guide you. Don't hold back on taking risks.
I know change is hard but it's a constant so embrace it with
wide open arms; that's a stance that will stay vivid.
I took a chance; made the advance; said "You're amazing. If

you take my hand, I got plans. We'll go and enjoy this life."
Then you began playing around. I made the point to try;
but never demand. I don't understand why you toyed with my
emotions and rejoined the man you were disappointed by.

You and me - think about it - we can make it last
You and me - think about it - we can make it last

Too many women respond well to being treated badly.
I see it time and again and I know, whether that be
as a result of being cheated on or even, sadly,
being disrespected, thoughts of perfect times seem to, madly,

linger on in their memories - they can't let go
and they long for those times again but can't get those
cos they're gone, like the trust or the respect. Though
anyone on the outside can see, they don't.

I know the game but I ain't playing that. No ta! If
I like a dame then I'm saying it; no qualms. It's
a little strange, if you're sane, to try go harming
someone you'd claim you hold a flame for and throw darkness

on a connection so real just to follow slightly
messed up rules. I couldn't do that, knowing you might be
the one I'd want to give up single life for. I see
a future for us together where you would be my wifey.

You and me - think about it - we can make it last
You and me - think about it - we can make it last

Now, I really want to send this to a wider group
cos other women I love and care for seem to do the same
sort of thing and end up taking long and winding routes
that go full circle and, with time, return them to the pain.

I remember family members stuck inside this loop,
thinking they could change their man, but that's a useless game.
Relationships are built on compromising. Why pursue
an unrealistic goal of character change, that few obtain.

I've seen my friends getting hysterical
for months on end over guys they put on pedestals.
The circumstances may not let them cut those ties but for
the others there's a fear of ending up alone; but there's little

chance of that because these women are incredible;
but just need the confidence to know friends are there for the ride.
Whatever your barriers are, I'm urging you to break them all
down and I'll be waiting for you on the other side.

You and me - think about it - we can make it last
You and me - think about it - we can make it last


from A Brighter Light, released September 14, 2014




Triple S London, UK

Rapper on hip hop, wave, trap, drum'n'bass, dubstep & grime.

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