Just Can't Lose

from by Triple S

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I just can't... I just can't lose
No no nooo
nooo no
nooo no

I just can't lose when I'm with you.
I write rhymes and my mind's on you.
The best I can do appears only to
happen since the day my dreams came true.

I lost you once and I was so damn blue;
trying to forget us by chasing more than a few
other women. I'm a hunter and I can pursue,
but as time went by you wouldn't fade from my view.

At the end of my tether,
I couldn't help but hope and be wondering whether
I'd feel your fingers on my skin again, mimicking feathers
and warm rays from your eyes that hide icy weather.

I thought "damn son, go back and get her!
If you don't at least try, you'll regret it forever."
From that moment things seemed to take a turn for the better
as you took me by the hand and we came back together.

I just can't... I just can't lose
No no nooo
nooo no
nooo no

I've loved you for ages. My fire still rages
for you - it just won't go down.
Though I can write pages, it's been hard to say this
but I'm going real deep now.

My heart - it rampages when I see your face. It's
the same when I hear that sound
of your laugh - it's contagious. Lost in your embraces
and I don't want to get found.

Can't see me living this
life without you. I tell you! It's the wickedest
sensation I have when we're together. For real, it just
makes me wish that our time here was limitless.

You not only hold me
closely, as a lover should, but, don't be
shocked, cos when we chill I feel you're also my crony.
I'm winning when you're with me - but you won't be a trophy.

I just can't... I just can't lose
No no nooo
nooo no
nooo no

The way you handle yourself's still commanding
respect to the max. I want to praise your outstanding
contribution to all I do. Your understanding
of commitments in my life that must be equally demanding

for you, is truly appreciated. You mean
everything to me; far more than a cutie -
down to earth and not snooty; and through these
words I hope to celebrate your true inner beauty.

I said, I just can't lose
when we're together. There's no other person I'd choose
to be with now and certainly none, I believe, whose
energy could permeate me and then refuse

to completely leave me before we see
each other again. Now life just seems so easy.
Chatting with you so freely. Sincerely,
I've not a single doubt that you're unequalled, sweetie.

I just can't... I just can't lose
No no nooo
nooo no
nooo no


from A Brighter Light, released September 14, 2014




Triple S London, UK

Rapper on hip hop, wave, trap, drum'n'bass, dubstep & grime.

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