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It's a trick of technology.
This time machine is very hot property.
I ain't tried the equipment properly.
I'm going to the future now - come follow me.

This trip'll be quality.
Breaking everyday life monotony.
No other way to make it there
apart from this one - I run this monopoly.

Nah - I don't want to go back to the past.
Compared to now it'd be brass.
I'd be like "ras! why did I come here?
No Dubstep - that's a farce."

Now, who's left here?
I'll steer. Don't interfere - you get in the rear.
Everything clear? Good! Don the gear
and let's choose the year.

Off to the year 3,000.
I just want to go to browse and
look round for a bit of fun.
Won´t stay long - just a hit and run.

Now it´s time to take flight.
Strap up tight as the fuel ignites;
disappearing in to a bright
unknown time-space makes me bite down

hard. So nervous;
don't know whether we will survive.
Can´t stop or turn this:
Destination set; no override.

By far, the furthest
trip I´ve taken in my lifetime.
I´m concerned it´s
the very last trip my crew take alive.

Regaining consciousness.
Feeling a sense of pompousness
as I look around and see my crew still breathing.
The dust cloud outside is easing.

Yeeeoo! What a feeling!
But wait, seeing´s believing.
As I´m waiting for the air to clear
I say to the others: "You're no longer dreaming.

Get up. Get out your seat. In
just a minute, we´ll see the world greeting
us." The only sound is hearts beating.
The silence of the vehicle is leading

me to think that it needs some healing.
The moment turns less appealing:
We´re in a room with a hole in the ceiling
and a some aliens who look to be seething.

Looks bad; it's worse!
No Doc or nurse
could save our ship from a trip in a hearse.
This journey's turned in to a curse.

Can't make time go in reverse.
It feels like I'm living in a whole
different universe, but now we're immersed
in a world we don't know, so first

assessments need to be made
as to how safe we may be, day
or night and how we need to behave.
Quick decision - now we need to be brave

cos the angry beasts are coming
and if they got heat, they'll soon start gunning.
There's no fun in this adventure
right now. It's time to start running.

Be quick and stay low.
I look at my crew and see they know
that this whirlwind tour's become a tornado
and there's no way home.

"Go in to this narrow
alleyway, where the bums all get parro.
'Til we see humans
we need to make sure we stick to the shadows."

"Look! Over there!"
I look over my shoulder, where
there's a man in the open air.
My look turns to a sober glare

when he's hit in the gut;
and he can't move - he seems to be stuck.
A second later I see another one shut
inside a forcefield, sitting in muck.

Woah! There's a noise behind
that's made by an unrefined
gentleman taking a reclined
position amongst trash. Felines

and rodents scurrying around
a life that's long been in decline.
I see all the years in his face
and notice that he's partially blind.

I tell him I'm new around here
and ask him if these views are found year
round, which, then produced a round tear,
which, in turn, refused to drown fear

in his voice. "Come near"
he said, "the choice is now clear.
Aliens are cleverer; some treat us better but
human freedom won't reappear."

Be owned or make this dump my home.
The second option stands out alone.
When the other guys start to bemoan
their fate, I don't want to hear it. I roam

in to the sun - it hits
my face. Then the bright glare is split.
Breathless; I realise I've just been kicked.
On my back, I see the beast turn and spit.

Urrrgh! Whaa? Why'd he do that?!
Dragged back to the shade and I spew; sat
back to the wall, thinking about
what I'd done to deserve this. Then I see two cats;

not too fat. When merely
smelling the mess I made, my mate really
lashed out. They're sincerely
scared. Now I see the world more clearly.

Unprepared. No rehearsal
for this kind of role reversal.
It's not fair to be treated this way
Humans ruled like this, only worse. All

I can feel is shame from
the way we acted in days long
gone, abusing our station
as an apex predator's plain wrong.

I don't want to live this way.
The thought, alone, leaves me in dismay.
While the taste of sick mistakes
keep lingering, my aching limbs shake.

My lip quivers; about to cry rivers.
Reality hits and I get the shivers;
close my eyes and as my hope withers
I ask the future to please forgive us.


from A Brighter Light, released September 14, 2014




Triple S London, UK

Rapper on hip hop, wave, trap, drum'n'bass, dubstep & grime.

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