City Lights

from by Triple S

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Come and hold me tight. I love the city life
but my devotion to you'll never retreat, and I
would make an effort for your happiness and flee tonight.
We'll find our way and break away to find some deeper lights.

Hollywood's name stained by thieves who try
to claim a piece to hype themselves with. Now we'll reunite
ourselves with a more real type of existence.
In that respect, I cannot wait to hold you; say our sweet goodbyes;

make the leap; and fly. Even I believe it's time.
Though I'd not considered it before, now I can see it's right
and you're the only one who'd make this choice so easy. Why
would I stay if you can't play here? I can't be denied

your songs for long. I listen then and when when you speak or rhyme,
you hold my attention. Bewitched, I read your lines.
I still see the signs.
We'll leave the shallows and pass those wolves at feeding time.

Loyalty and change - each is now a habit that,
despite their opposite properties, means I'm happy at
the thought of moving - for you! - but then I'll caveat
that with some points of practicallity that can hold back

immediate implementation of our plans to pack
and cut loose. But we have a pact.
Our relationship's stronger than with our habitat
of concrete jungle, where steely eyes throw daggers back

and forth. Reinforced through this
mutual awareness, we don't fall. For it's
always dialogue; pre tension paws our lips.
Just so you're aware, despite the flaws I list

in this city, I really can take them all if you're near me.
Past gritty bars, busily taking orders from silly
chasers of gold, I know you'll soon be with me
and wherever, deep inside, you remain awfully pretty.

I think it's safe to say, you and I could fade away
surrounded by the desperate fights to make it in this crazy game.
Discretely making waves as others try to stake a claim
riding trails you made; unashamed in chasing fame.

An ocean - cold - the surface light with blazing flames.
Empty souls - burn bright but face no pain -
illuminating our journey through this place, estranged
from us. Though I try embracing change

and opportunities it brings, sometimes they don't sit right within
and there's no shame to go back to times where you think "I fit in
round here." Taking hometown cheer,
deep down inside a voice whispers to you softly "I'm winning".

Mind in that comfort zone:
Big city lies of LA or London won't
often leave the urban area so, come, let's go
now. I'm ready. We'll make a run for home.


from A Brighter Light, released September 14, 2014




Triple S London, UK

Rapper on hip hop, wave, trap, drum'n'bass, dubstep & grime.

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