As I Am

from by Triple S

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Floating around on earth wondering what my life was worth;
if my days were dreams; looking for signs that my birth
had some substance. I was asking "what's the bigger picture?"
but these were questions without answers and they made me shiver.

My thoughts were trapped; caught going round a lazy river
and, as I looked deeper down in to this hall of mirrors,
my questions grew with everytime I saw another figure.
Exponential fear growth with every answer undelivered.

The quest for knowledge is important but, at times, it triggers
darker moments that disturb us and mess with our inner
peace and these are times to take a step back and direct your vigour
towards a lighter side. Mental health will be the winner.

I found my harmony within your kisses. I believe
this is a haven I could die in. If I never leave
it'd be too soon. Our souls are interweaved.
I love you dearly now and will as long as I can breathe.

Where I reside is just a house, it's not a home.
Home is where the heart is and my heart no longer roams.
It's in your possession - held firmly. I've never known
a haven like this - so content inside this comfort zone.

An understanding that there'll never be chemistry
like the kind we produce together. With every kiss
we share our bond gets steadily better. These
lips are blessed to press yours. I'm incredibly pressure free

when I'm in your company. A calm washes over me.
I don't believe I thought I'd ever get the chance to know release
from psychological confusion that I covertly
navigated. Though, unknowingly, you overly

influenced my mind; set me on the way to ditch
those demons playing games inside my brain, that caused a hitch
in this heavenly journey that I'd now never switch.
Now I'm confused how you got me totally bewitched.

Don't think badly of me because I've shared some of my hardest times.
Don't think I'm not strong as I guide you through my darkest lines.
No sympathy plea - as this was mild and didn't scar my mind;
I've seen so many places and done things that truly are divine

but at this point I really felt aware
that mental illness can affect even people who are where
they feel they want to be in life. It's hard to prepare
or prevent these health disorders. And they take time to repair.

A few close to me have had depression or bulimia.
Psychopaths aren't all killers as portrayed in the media.
Better understanding on the subject makes things easier
for suffers. Think - one day our minds may need appeasing. Your

presence keeps me dry as the rain keeps on lashing
and tries creeping inside. Endowed with reason and compassion,
if there ever was a time where my brain started crashing,
you'd be there for me - as I for you in similar fashion.


from A Brighter Light, released September 14, 2014




Triple S London, UK

Rapper on hip hop, wave, trap, drum'n'bass, dubstep & grime.

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