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A bug's bitten me and shown me the wildest times:
New York City limelight and live
Central Park gigs. When I arrived
in Miami; hit the boats and had riotous nights.

Aussie beaches and beautiful dunes;
Bondi Pavillion with wonderful tunes.
Asia's bright and so colourful too.
Thousands blessing Hat Rin at full moon.

Loved Seoul; just didn't like the soju.
Ridden Lao rivers beered up in old tubes.
Latin America seems to hold you.
Brazil got me whipped and now I roll through

every other year for my carnival vibe.
The samba hooked me, though I'd never tried
it. When I hear it now, it hits hard - I'm alive!

Amsterdam what a crazy place!
I made it through those hazy days.
Amstel soaked in a bassy rave;
Grimeseen videos; racey lace;

Johnny English in his sacred space;
Drum n Bass monkeys blaze away.
A parallel universe that stays awake
and partys harder to the beat with amazing pace

and then chills.
No nonsense but they're still jokers, loving
their thrills. A feeling thats real easy - no hills!
Yo, and its ill that theres

enough tall blonde women to outlast a man.
The masterplan is to rave through dawn
with these gems in this city that has to dance.
Its *Amsterdam*

Head for the sun: Spain; Ibiza.
A Cafe del Mar sunset's a keeper.
Barcelona stays on my radar
through Sonar and Grazia. Days are

baking by the sea, taking life easy.
Everytime there I wish I'd make it my city.
When I hit the Nordics,
Copenhagen speakers distort. It's

Distortion or a winters flawless
touch over Stockholm - you can't ignore this.
Down in Germany - hit the Reeperbahn.
Kiez is raw. Berlin's beats go on

and time disappears with damn fine
soundtracks. Gota get down to Mannheim
where the all night raves go off like landmines.

Never thought Id be so affected
by Serbia, but we connected.
Belgrade to the State of Exit.
Been bare times since the first time I checked it.

Ahh, those beautiful ladies
blessing the beaches, awaiting a breeze.
Summertime heat exceeds the 80's.
Strand's gota be done everytime; no maybes,

In Novi Sad, where you know we had
a ball each time. I am only sad
when I come to leave and at that moment
I'm only glad when I hear those tunes

that throw me back to the fortress in that
low-key stadt which won't be packed
'til Exit comes, where I know I'll be at.

Times when I'm home in the city of London,
I rave hard in the darkest dungeons
where theres musical styles in abundance
and Notting Hill Carnival's straight up fun. Don't

test we set the standards so high
for musical innovation. We apply
ourselves to bring new genres worldwide
and influences from around the world lie

deep within. You'll find our riddims
infused with the spice of hard hitting
African or Caribbean or Latin
sounds to put a little fire in them;

use a little sino
Asian flavours and we'll combine those;
and so many MCs spitting with hype flows.




from A Brighter Light, released September 14, 2014




Triple S London, UK

Rapper on hip hop, wave, trap, drum'n'bass, dubstep & grime.

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